About thebeardreport.

In today’s world of instant gratification and participation trophies, society’s values are more influenced by fabricated problems and “likes” than by personal conviction and challenge.

thebeardreport. operates from the known truth that the life you want cannot be defined by anyone else.

The Philosophy discussed at thebeardreport. promotes self-realization through self-reliance. When one develops a strong understanding of their Philosophy and strategy, they have their roadmap to navigate their way through the world.

The Initiated Tenets

thebeardreport. and the Initiated Philosophy are built on the Initiated Tenets: Strength, Discipline, Integrity, and Leadership.

Strength is developed through training the mind and body; forging the mental and physical strength to drive progress. The mind and body are trained as a unit where the strength of one feeds the strength of the other.

Discipline is developed through action; forging patterns through repeatedly overcoming challenges. Discipline is developed and lives deep within a person, becoming a part of them.

Integrity is created through the construction of one’s Philosophy. Integrity is the principle that considers the role of all parts of one’s Philosophy, plan, and execution maximizing the efficiencies found in all parts working together to support the larger goal.

Leadership is developed once an individual defines a path for themselves and when they understand that they must lead themselves if they want to realize their successes. The adaptability, conviction, and commitment of a leader serves to compliment one’s discipline and drives focused action.

The Man Behind the Beard

Chris has been developing and living the Initiated Philosophy long before he assigned it a name and long before he was aware of what he was doing. 

Growing up he felt just outside of the “norm”. The rules and values of his surroundings didn’t fully resonate with him; there was something missing that made it hard for him to connect all of the dots.

Through his teenage years and college the struggle to identify this disconnect continued. This struggle started to grab the attention of those around him. The missed connection between him and his surroundings now also started to become a missed connection between his surroundings and himself.

He does not believe that this feeling is unique. He believes there are many people that feel similar detachment between their surroundings and their own beliefs. He believes that many people search externally for meaning but do not know that they can provide that for themselves. He believes many people live their lives according to what they are “supposed” to do rather than what is right for them.

The solution was found within. When he began to understand that he needed to answer questions for himself, to define his own values rather than adopt those around him, he began to see the world through a different lens.

The need for a personal Philosophy underlies thebeardreport.’s message. The values that underpin Chris’s Philosophy are the Initiated Tenets shared and discussed on thebeardreport.

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