About thebeardreport.

In today’s world of instant gratification and participation trophies, society’s values are more influenced by fabricated problems and “likes” than by personal conviction and achievement. With unlimited places to hide from one’s real challenges, it has become too easy to ignore one’s weaknesses and find distractions in things that do not truly matter.

thebeardreport. exists to develop, educate, and inspire. Through challenging common wisdom thebeardreport. empowers others to take back the leading role in their own lives and confidently confront the barrage of noise and distraction that comes with living in today’s world. 

thebeardreport. operates from the accepted truth that the life you want cannot be defined by anyone else. Each person’s Philosophy must be defined by themselves to ensure their path serves their purpose.

The Initiated Tenets

Through studying the Initiated Tenets of Strength, Discipline, Integrity, and Leadership, one will find the tools, strategies, and attitude required to live the life they want to live. The Tenets provide the skeleton of the Initiated Philosophy which is to then be fleshed out by each of the Initiated’s own goals.

This new perspective on life will become each person’s own iteration of the Initiated Lifestyle.

The Initiated Lifestyle is a way of living that drives one to continually seek challenge rather than accepting things as they are. The Initiated forge themselves into strong, disciplined individuals that command respect and have the integrity and leadership skills to accept the responsibility that comes with embodying these qualities.

The Initiated Lifestyle exists just outside of the grasp of society’s norms holding what is known to be real and important above what the masses believe to be so.

The Man Behind the Beard

I have been developing and living the Initiated Philosophy since childhood – long before I assigned it a name and long before I was aware of what I was doing. 

Growing up I felt just outside of the “norm”. The rules and values of my surroundings didn’t fully resonate with me; there was something missing that made it hard for me to connect all of the dots.

Through my formative teenage years and through college the struggle to put it all together continued. This struggle started to grab the attention of those around me. The missed connection between me and my surroundings now also started to become a missed connection between my surroundings and myself.

I do not believe that this feeling is unique. I believe there are many people that feel some level of detachment between their surroundings and their own thoughts. I believe that many people search for a higher meaning but do not know that they can provide that for themselves. I believe many people live their lives according to what they are “supposed” to do rather than what is right for them.

Some years ago it fell into place for me and I want to now teach and develop others into stronger, more independent, and more capable people.

The need for a clear personal Philosophy underlies thebeardreport.’s mission. The values that underpin my personal Philosophy are the Initiated Tenets that are the foundation from which everyone can build their own philosophies.

My mission with thebeardreport. is to put people back in the driver seat of their own lives and to provide the necessary strategy and tactics to be successful. The Initiated Lifestyle challenges each person to take back what has either been forfeited to or stolen by their surroundings. 

I intend to find and grow the subset of the population that seeks continuous challenge and brings forth the best of themselves and those around them.

I hope you join me.

Yours in strength,


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