Planning For The New Year

Let’s get real about our plans for the New Year.

First, let me take a moment to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and / or Happy Holidays. I hope you and your family are well and safe.  

The New Year will always feel like a fresh start. It provides a natural end to one chapter and flips the page to the next. This is the time of year where many take stock of their past year, what went well, what could have gone better, and what they are going to do moving forward. 

Hopefully you have some plans for what you want to accomplish this upcoming year and I want to dedicate this article to helping you fortify your plan and get where you want to go.

Let’s first make sure our plans and intentions have some sticking power. Once you decide what your goals are, what is your plan to achieve them? What are you going to do differently than what you have already been doing?

There is a popular quote “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always got”. If you are doing the same things, with the same people, in the same places, your chances of changing are limited. You may come out of the gates strong, but the comforts of what you have always done will start to work against you. If those around you are not on board with supporting your goals, you will feel pressure to be the same old you. I don’t care how strong you are, that constant weight will work to slowly pull you back to where you have always been.

So whatever your plan is for stepping out of your comfort zone and making things happen – start executing now. Start up some momentum to carry into the new year. If you’re reading this when it goes live, you have under a week to get something going before the new year hits. Get after it.

From here, let’s go back over some of the past articles and break down some other things we should look at over the next few days to get ourselves set for serious gains in 2022.

The links throughout the sections below are all links to other articles posted here that focus in on different points.

Clarify your Vision

Is your vision vivid? Can you see where you are going from where you are currently standing? If you can’t see all the way to the end, can you see at least the next milestone from where you are? 

Ensure you have a clear path and can see the boundaries that you will operate between. Strengthen your strategies along that path and train your tactics to be strong and focused. 

Let’s check the plan

Goals without plans are dreams. You need a good, reasonable plan for how you’re going to approach your goals. You need to practice discipline in making the plan and in executing the plan. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are going to take on more tasks without shedding others. You need to know where you are going to find the time and resources to pursue your new goals. Make sure you are setting yourself up for success.

Strengthen your Foundation and Philosophy

Take a look at your Philosophy, Principles, and Values and recommit to them. Are your goals tied to your Values? How tightly tied are they? Can you make this bond stronger?

Take a look out to June, are you still as committed to your goals as you are now? Do you have enough weight to your goals to develop the discipline necessary to push on? Make sure your goals are not just things that are nice to hear yourself say. Make sure they are tied to something deep within you; something that has the driving power to push your feet along when you don’t want to continue down the path. 

Look Within for Motivation and Accountability

You have everything within you to make all of your goals happen. You need to believe that and build the discipline to match. Refrain from looking to external sources of motivation and accountability and instead look at yourself to push through your challenges. Hire coaches for their expertise and their ability to streamline hitting your goals, not for the accountability they provide.

If you are still not on-board with this, go back to looking at how tightly your goals are tied to your values. When you have tight ties there, accountability is not going to provide you anything beyond what you are already going to be willing to do to get it done.

With all of that, there is nothing left to do but execute. Hit the ground running harder than you have ever hit it before. Make this upcoming year your year. Build yourself into the juggernaut that you want to be. Whatever goals you have will be crushed in record time – you’ve got the tools to make it happen.

As for me, I will be focusing on how I am living the Initiated Tenets and building myself, too.

I will be strengthening my body and my mind with more study and training. I have goals to sign up for another powerlifting meet and perform well there.

I will be honing in on my schedule and my systems to accomplish my personal and professional goals. I will be growing the Initiated Lifestyle Coaching system and all of the media outlets I maintain. I want to reach everyone and anyone I can to give them the material and information they need to crush life. 

I will be fortifying my own ties to my Philosophy. I am not immune to the distractions and noise of the world myself and must also refocus myself to my goals, Values, and Philosophy.

I will be strengthening my Integrity and dumping everything that is not supporting my alignment with my Values. I will not be using emotion or sentiment to make these decisions; this will be done with discipline and leadership tactics to make sure that I am making the best choices for me and mine.

I will be studying and strengthening my leadership through remaining consistent and strong in my actions. 

I will be continuing to push myself and my business to learn and grow now that I have more experience under my belt. I intend to be in a very different spot with thebeardreport. by the time we do this again in a year.

I am amped for what is going to be coming for all of us and I hope you are also ready to grab 2022 by the horns and make it everything you want it to be.

I appreciate you all and hope that we all see each other at the top.

Yours in strength,


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