Living with Integrity

Expanding on last week’s Transmission we look at more ways Integrity will improve aspects of one’s life.

After introducing Integrity and discussing the larger idea and power of the concept, I will continue to build on Integrity through discussion of some other characteristics of the Tenet. 

Last week I described Integrity as the larger picture of unifying one’s resources toward their vision and goal. Beginning with first understanding all of the parts that make up one’s vision, one can then begin to prioritize, plan, and strategize on how to get to that end. It is the building and strengthening of resources that provide Integrity to a plan as it is the unficiation and completeness of the plan that makes it stronger than the sum of all of its parts.

This drive for deeper understanding and strategy will provide further value in one’s life past efficiently and successfully executing on one’s goals; it will also show itself in how one acts toward others and how the actions and thoughts of others will affect them.

Self Validation

The power of a good strategy is that one will have views of the full picture and end goal. This will assist one in understanding the role each part of one’s life plays in that larger picture. With this, one can see how each gain in a single discipline or area feeds into their larger efforts and one is able to validate for themselves the good or bad they accomplish. 

The same cannot be said for someone who does not have such Integrity. Lacking a full view of the picture, the validation and praise from others will become important to the individual. Without understanding how one part affects and feeds into another, one does not understand how their actions are affecting the larger whole. This uneasiness will foster a reliance on external validation to fill that gap in understanding. 

Such reliance on something outside of oneself leaves oneself vulnerable. Not only do we not have control over how others act, we must realize and understand that people are inconsistent and driven by their own motivations. This speaks to the importance of building a strong community, which has been further discussed here.

The feeling of being unsure of one’s actions is what leaves the door open to relying on external validation; whereas, if one can build the knowledge to remove unsureness, they can gauge their own successes and validate their actions for themselves. If one does not currently know everything that is needed, the gaining of such knowledge will be part of their strategy and plan. As one continues to learn and fill knowledge gaps that may currently exist, they can further strengthen their ability to validate their actions for themselves. 

Projection onto Others

Along the same lines as self validation, the Integrity with which one lives their life will likely lessen the urge to project their beliefs and thoughts onto others. 

When one has a vision and feels the drive to get there, it is not important to convince others that they are doing the right thing or that their thoughts/beliefs are better than others. Their mission becomes about driving to their goal rather than getting support or acknowledgement from others.

Support from a community is great; but understood to not be necessary. A good community can boost one’s successes and a distracting community can be a liability. 

One who lives with Integrity influences those around them by living in line with their values and sharing their thoughts with those who show interest. Through leading by example one’s impact is genuine and lasting and further provides onlookers a better picture of what those values look like.


With Integrity comes clarity – clarity in planning and execution, clarity in the mission, and clarity with oneself. It is clear what needs to be done to succeed and it is further clear to see that one individual’s success is not dependent upon the failure of another. When living with such focus and intention, one approaches problems and assess solutions differently.

With Integrity, one begins to assess paths not by chances of success but instead by efforts and resources needed to be successful. A plan with Integrity is not concerned with statistics of success – it is driven by more than this. Problems are approached with the belief that failure is not an option and that success simply depends upon the right plan and relentless execution.

The power of one’s resources multiply when all are focused on the same target. Much like a firearm, it is the barrel that contains and directs all of the energy of the cartridge, directing and optimizing that energy toward a single target. A plan, built with Integrity, is the barrel that will contain and focus one’s energy toward the goal.

Wrap Up

All of the Initiated Tenets are simple to grasp but have depth to study; this is by design. By choosing a small number of Tenets and then diving deep into the study of each one allows one to find connections and relationships that may otherwise have been missed. This idea itself is further application of the concept of Integrity and further speaks to the power of the concept.

The study and application of Integrity is carried through from cradle to grave – it is something that should be considered in the beginning when constructing one’s own philosophy and should carry all the way through execution to the end goal. 

Making sure that everything works together and works together well is the real way to optimize. 

Optimize and overcome.

Yours in strength,


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