With the four Initiated Tenets – Strength, Discipline, Integrity, and Leadership – thebeardreport. shows you how to reclaim the leading role in your life.

To be Initiated one must put in the time and effort required to build, strengthen, and overcome challenge to reach a level of self that you may not be able to see yet.

Through study of the Initiated Tenets you will learn the power in implementing and strengthening each Tenet and understand how these four Tenets come together to build a personal foundation of unshakeable conviction, confidence, and execution.

We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.

Charles Bukowski

The Initiated Lifestyle

The Initiated Lifestyle is a comprehensive approach to taking back what has been forfeited to or stolen by a society that preaches mediocrity and comfort. Through the proper application of strength training, self-study, reflection, planning, and application, one will learn how to recognize what they need and how to take it.

The concepts are simple but to live them is not easy. Do you have the drive to challenge yourself and overcome your adversities to achieve what you know you are intended to achieve?

The Initiated

The Initiated are the group of individuals joined by the common knowledge shared amongst them and the deep understanding of the power in living the Initiated Tenets. The study and pursuit of Strength, Discipline, Integrity, and Leadership is the common thread woven through all that are part of the Initiated Community.

The Initiated are the group of people who constantly seek to challenge and test oneself through the study and application of the Tenets.

Our Content

The Site Transmissions

The Site Transmissions introduce and describe the Initiated Philosophy and the underlying principles of the Initiated Lifestyle.

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thebeardreport. sends exclusive Transmissions direct to the Initiated through our mailing list. These Transmissions provide further insight into the application of the Tenets and the personal power that comes with it.

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The Initiated Handbook

Currently being written, the Initiated Handbook will be the single comprehensive source to learn about the Initiated Philosophy and how to build a life with the methodology of the Initiated Lifestyle.

The Initiated Lifestyle Podcast

Keep on the lookout. The Initiated Lifestyle Podcast will be launching soon.

About thebeardreport.

Check the About page for further information on the mission and about Jersey, the founder and writer behind thebeardreport.

Latest Transmissions

Strategy and Unbalance

Unbalance will beat balance when there is a goal and strategy being pursued.


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