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Episode 011 | Ultimate Strength and Adaptability The Initiated Lifestyle Podcast

You can have a big deadlift. You can have a high IQ. Neither means a thing if you cannot adapt.  Ultimate strength is measured in adaptability. You find adaptability in depth. If you're digging this content, get more at
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  2. Episode 010 | You Need Competition
  3. Episode 009 | Planning For The New Year
  4. Episode 008 | Be A Proactive Leader
  5. Episode 007 | Act. Don't React.

Our Tenets

Strength: The physical and mental ability to resist opposition, withstand attack, and push forward.  

Discipline: The deep consistent drive to do what needs done.

Integrity: The quality of unity and completeness; the culmination of all parts working together toward a common goal.

Leadership: The qualities required to lead oneself to realization; the ability to stand strong on one’s own, stay on-course, and ensure success in execution.

Latest blog posts

You Need Competition

“If you’re a true warrior, competition doesn’t scare you. It makes you better.” – Andrew Whitworth


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